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About RVbyMilitary

Hi! We are Chris and Danielle Wingate-thanks for checking out our website. We are parents to four world changers and love everything about RVing. Chris is a 20 year Medical Service Corps Aviator, Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army, author, and speaker and will retire from Active Duty in early 2024. Danielle is also an author, speaker, photographer and passionate about the military spouse and helping women find their calling and walk in their purpose. 

We have a passion for families, faith and freedom. It’s engrained in us. That’s one reason we started RVbyMilitary – we wanted start something that bridges the gap between all our passions.

This journey started by simply renting out our RV and paying forward the community, joy, and memories we’ve experienced through our journeys. Go on. Make the memories. Adventure awaits!

M. Chris Wingate
Danielle Wingate

Founder & CEO
Chief Operating Officer

What customers value
most about us

RVbyMilitary allows adventure enthusiasts to give back to US Veterans and military service members by renting their RVs and making memories in the process! We exist for the Veteran, the military and their families and to build community through shared adventure. RVbyMilitary also will give back a portion of all revenue to benefit Veterans organizations.

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to verified Veterans and Military personnel

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Our Recent Trip

As the site grows, so will the veteran and customer memories and experiences. 

Stay tuned for Veteran and Military features and stories on our community trips!

Partner and Investment Opportunities

If you’re interested in partnering with or investing in RVbyMilitary, contact us here and we will reach out soon!